The new Live Ticker
An overview of the features:
Fans of the Bundesliga can now follow matches from both of Germany's top two divisions LIVE on the Ticker. Choosing between Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 is easy: Simply click the corresponding button BL or BL2. The navigation bar at the top displays kick-off times, latest and full-time scores for all games. To switch between matches, simply click the arrows either side of fixture displayed in the Content Area.
New to the Live Ticker this year is the option to select your own preferred top matches. Rolling the mouse over the Conference button opens a menu which allows you to choose whether you want to receive updates from every game or just your selected top matches.
The Content Area presents all the latest match updates clearly and concisely, including official Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 match data. The editorial team will provide you with all the most important information during the match, including starting line-ups and substitutes. The Player Statistics tab provides up-to-the-minute player data, including distance covered, shots on goal and touches. Meanwhile the Team Statistics tab collates all match data for the entire team..
Brand new: Player Cards
A completely new addition to the Live Ticker is Player Cards. These contain extensive information on individual players, such as nationality, date of birth and position. Player Cards are updated with all the latest match information, including goals, shots, touches, crosses and tackles. In addition, the foldout Heat Map tracks the movement of players all over the pitch. With so much information all in one place, the Live Ticker is the perfect Matchday companion for any German football fan!